About Us

The AstraZeneca Research Trust will disburse grants of R1.5 million a year for three years to be used for medical research. The funding will be distributed to qualifying academic researchers in the field of medical and scientific research, through the Trust: the independent body set up to administer the allocation of the funds. Managed by a scientific steering committee, six independent and highly respected academics in the field of medicine have been appointed to screen, review and ultimately with full autonomy, decide on the apportionment of the funding.

In the spirit of the project, which is focused on medical research development in South Africa and Africa, and committed to unprejudiced research findings, we have made no attempt to limit the research to the therapeutic areas we are operational in. We are encouraging the generation of much needed epidemiological data on communicable and non-communicable diseases; data we expect will come from high level studies which could potentially generate publishable findings that will make a contribution to the science.

The pharmaceutical industry has not traditionally invested in this area of research with funding customarily being allocated to compound and chemical entity developments.  We hope our investment at either a doctoral, post-doctoral level, or other high level research, will help us meet a huge area of unmet need, ensuring the reprioritisation of healthcare initiatives and reshaping the landscape as we know it.

We are passionate about pushing the boundaries of science to create medicines for some of the world’s greatest healthcare challenges and recognise that to deliver true value, we need to work with the best that science can offer, and with partners who share our interests and our passion. The AstraZeneca Research Trust enhances and deepens our commitment to, and strategic vision of, scientific leadership while ultimately benefiting the patient – not just in South Africa, but across the continent – ensuring we can make a relevant and meaningful contribution towards science and the fight against prevalent diseases of our day.

Successful Applicants will be notified in the 2nd week of April 2017