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The global healthcare environment is changing at a rapid pace and in South Africa, and the African continent, we are sitting on a veritable non-communicable disease time bomb. Cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity and smoking related illnesses, are becoming increasingly prevalent and the scourge of Africa, but the continent is ill equipped to fight these modern day illnesses; it does not have the empirical data to properly treat these potentially life-threatening diseases. From disease prevalence, to patient presentation and treatment patterns, there is a complete lack of epidemiological data.

Critically aware of the need for funding that will develop research capacity and contribute to academic advancement in South Africa, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals has set up a not for profit Trust for the disbursement of medical research funding. We have committed to an annual disbursement of R1.5 million for three years to be used for research; high level non-interventional studies that will generate significant data currently not available.

Non-Communicable Disease study applications ONLY will be considered

Successful Applicants will be notified in the 2nd week of April 2017

Research & Development

AstraZeneca has a world-class record of successful Research and Development (R&D) aimed at generating a flow of new prescription medicines.



The Research Trust Committee comprises a scientific review panel.


Grant Recipients

R1.5 Million in Research Grants
A total of 18 research grants have been conferred locally by the Trust since its inception. The 2017/2018 grant shortlist will be announced in January 2017.


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AstraZeneca Research Trust

2015/2016 Research Trust Awards Evening Gallery

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